Win a custom-made Elitist art piece or $150 Amazon gift card

Calling all Elitist Tribe members!

Are you loving the wall art you purchased from Elitist?

Want to win a second sign for your home/office or cash out with a $150 Amazon gift card?

It’s easy.

Here’s how to enter:

Record a short video showing off your sign. Minimum 30 seconds. It doesn’t have to be fancy!

In the video, tell us about your design, your reason for purchasing, and why you love it. What works well is shooting in the dark to see how much it glows. Close-ups to the sign are heavily encouraged! Post your video on social media and tag us on Instagram @elitist or on Facebook @elitistcanvas. Once we see your post, we’ll enter your name in our monthly draw to win a new Elitist wall art piece (+$300 value!) or Amazon gift card. Your choice! Wondering what to say in your video? Check out some other submissions below, where you’ll find plenty of inspiration that could help you win. [show off 3-5 UGC vids for inspiration]

Stay bold. Be impossible to ignore.

*Submission to this contest grants Elitist the use the clip for promotional purposes.